This Woman Had A “Rhino Horn” Growing Out Of Her Head Making Her Life Devastating

External growth on the body can be embarrassing and so is the growth of cutaneous horns. The cause of cutaneous horns is unknown, but it is believed that exposure to radiation can activate the condition. This woman has a similar condition to deal and life is no less than a struggle.

Lisa, the mother of one, a 43-year-old resident of Connecticut, has a cutaneous growth which she has compared to a rhinoceros horn. It grows out of the back of the head and it has been over a year. She paid a visit to Dr. Lee to explain her emotional and physical hardship after her fiancée put their about to happen wedding on hold. The fiancée of five years did so for the time until she gets the horn removed.

When she described her condition, she became teary-eyed and said that it grows every day and is painful at times. She says that it grows out of a ring which is very tender. She wears her hair up and it is tucked under the hair so that no one can see it. It just makes her feel gross and helps her in no way.


Lisa’s mother was scared that it must be cancerous but the doctor assured that it was nothing but a cutaneous horn, which is made up of white cells and is a hard conical projection from the skin.

Even though the horn was not harmful but the size did alarm the doctor as this was the largest she had come across in her career.

The doctor was luckily able to remove the horn without undergoing surgery. She just numbed the area of Lisa’s scalp and just yanked the excess growth. Dr. Lee even confessed that the horn could have been removed by one big swift knock from Lisa’s dog.

She is glad that she has got rid of the horn and feels bad about the fact that she didn’t get it done before. She says that she has missed so much in life. Now she is all ready to wear her hair down and walk down the aisle.