This Woman Had Brain Tumor Since Birth, It Spread Like Octopus For 37 Years

A brain tumor is a disease that might not be visible on the outside but it will be killing you inside without letting you know. This woman has a similar story and she didn’t know that there was a tumor existing in her body for 37 years and it spread like an octopus.

Once hit by the tumor, you might have to start everything in your life from the very beginning and here we are talking about the most basic activities like eating, walking and even learning alphabets. Lorna Pritchard was 37 years old when she discovered that she had a brain tumor since the time she was born. Over the years the tumor has spread like an octopus.

In 2011, she collapsed and couldn’t walk for the next 24 hours. The operation that was conducted to decrease the growth of the tumor created some complications and she couldn’t talk, walk and eat. Now she is petrified that she might have to re-learn everything as she goes for her another craniotomy and she may even die in the process.

What scares her more is that even the doctors don’t tell her what might go wrong with her. Lorna, a former cleaner and delivery driver, while she was in womb the tumor started to develop on the lining of her brain. She is a mother of three daughters, Chantal, 28, and Nicole, 26, and son Chesney, 24. She has constant pain in her whole body which she can’t bear for more than 10 minutes. Getting a scan every year is important for her to keep a tab on the size of the tumor.

The first craniotomy which was conducted in 2012 left a crater shape in her head. That has crushed her facial nerve and she was unable to do the basic activities like eating and walking. The eldest daughter is taking care of her mother. Lorna just wishes to get through the next surgery and see her daughters grow. She has been trying to raise funds for her health care that she might need after the surgery.