This Woman Lost Her Sight Due To The Drinks Served At A Bar Three Years Back, The Authorities Turned A Blind Eye To Her Case

When traveling on this road of life, there are quite a few things on the list that need your attention and undoubtedly, the top spot is taken by a person’s well-being. Imagine your health affected in the worst way and someone else at fault for that condition just like Hannah Powell who lost her sight because of the drinks served at a bar she went to with her friends.

Hannah Powell and her friends were having a great time in Zante, Greece traveling and partying each day of their trip. The 23-year-old Hannah would have never even thought about her life taking such a turn after holidaying with two of her friends.

The sun did not rise as it should have for Hannah after a fun night at a bar in Greece. She woke up to darkness and it wasn’t going anywhere. On opening her eyes, the next morning, she asked her friends to let the light come in from the windows by opening the curtains of the hotel room. Her friends told her that the curtains were open already, which Hannah thought was a joke.

Hannah switched on the lights of the room and that’s when she realized that she had lost her sense of sight and her kidneys had also stopped working. It was a terrifying moment and why wouldn’t it be! It is the worst thing to experience.

On doing medical tests, the doctors found out that she had methanol poisoning which was really toxic. It happened from the unregulated vodka that was served at that bar. Such potentially dangerous drinks are being served at the bars and party places without and the weird part is they are going unnoticed.

Hannah was devastated on finding out about methanol poisoning and it’s been three years since that incident and no one has taken any responsibility for putting her in such a distressing place. She expresses her pain and anger by saying, “Either the bar knew they had dodgy alcohol or someone made the dodgy alcohol. Either way, it was nothing to do with me or I wouldn’t have drank it if I knew.”

Hannah’s mom was equally upset with this whole occurrence and seeing her daughter go through all these hardships was not easy for her. She hopes that the ones responsible for this realize their mistake and know what it is like to live with such health conditions.

The drinks made her blind and ruined her kidneys. We can’t even feel half the pain she would be in! She was being supported by dialysis for her kidneys until her mom donated her kidney to help her daughter. Amidst the dark times, Hannah’s mom became her ray of light. She can’t stop gushing about her mom and what she has done for her. We agree with Hannah here, it is incredible!

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is a guiding light in Hannah’s life as they are giving all the required equipment to her so that she can work again. Hannah is experiencing sight changes as now her vision is blurred and not all dark.

She is slowly entering into a normal routine and wants to be independent as soon as possible for which she is planning to get a guide dog. She deserves all that she wishes for and, even more!