Three Brothers Scooped $511,000 After Playing The Same Lottery Numbers For 40 Years

When one decides to play the lottery, good luck is the only way that can take us towards the jackpot. There are people who have been trying to win for many years and while some may give up after a while, others keep going till they receive the good news. This is what happened with three brothers who had been playing the same lottery numbers for 40 years and finally, won really big.

Three brothers from Richmond, Australia had been patiently playing the same lottery numbers for almost four decades but never gave up. They kept playing and waited for the day when the numbers would prove lucky for them.

The propitious day finally arrived and the trio brought home $511,000 with the same numbers they had held tightly for so long!

They were over the moon after they found the results. A tradition that had been running for 40 years didn’t disappoint them at all.

One of the brothers shared the emotions after the big win. He said, “It’s a great amount of money. It will be a nice bonus! We play every week! We’ve been playing these same numbers for 40 years. I don’t remember why we chose these numbers exactly.”

“All I know was 40 years ago we each wrote down numbers and selected a ticket to play. We’ve been playing ever since. Yesterday after I checked the ticket, I spent about 10 minutes double-checking it to make sure it was right, and I hadn’t made a mistake.”

The moment made him nervous and he wanted it to be sure before he broke the news to his brothers who had been anticipating a favorable result for decades.

“I checked the ticket a number of times before checking the website a number of times. I just wanted to make sure it was confirmed and re-confirmed before I told them. Once I realised it was true, I had the honour and pleasure of telling my brothers we were division one winners,” he revealed.

“It was a great feeling to be able to call them and let them know.”

The AU $511,318.20 reward would be shared by the three brothers who could not contain their excitement after knowing the jackpot they had won.

This isn’t the first time that people are keeping their old promises about sharing a lottery amount. One man from Wisconsin fulfilled the promise that he made with his friend 30 years ago. Thomas Cook won $22 million in the lottery he was playing and split the reward money.

“It was quite an experience when I read those first two or three numbers. I kind of froze and handed them to [his wife] and she froze,” Thomas shared.

He could never turn his back on this to share the money with Joseph Feeney, his buddy. “A handshake is a handshake,” he said.

It seems like if people stay as one team and believe in themselves, they can scoop a huge jackpot. Well, there’s always luck that we need by our side too!