Tip War Between Rival Universities Raised $34,000 Tip For Restaurant Workers

The tip war began at a café in Cincinnati where Xavier’s alumnus walked by. He was served by a fellow former student. He was so overwhelmed that he threw a $1000 tip on the total bill of $54. Not only that, he left a note as well, asking the server to split it among all the hardworking workers with a GO XAVIER quotation at the end. It was a generous act indeed.

The working staff was overwhelmed. Thus, they shared a picture of the note and tip on social media to thank the alumnus. However, they knew less that it would start a whole new competition. The fans of the University of Cincinnati developed the urge to compete. So, they entered into the “tip war”.

Keystone Bar and Grill got the opportunity to witness the next hitting sensation. Two fans of the University of Cincinnati were determined to show their magnanimity here. Keystone Bar and Grill was located just six miles away from the Zip’s café, where the Xavier alumnus tipped off the workers.

To give the tip war a second hit, both of them paid $1001 as a tip. By the note they left on the table, it was known that they have started a war. In their tip, they mentioned the Xavier guy and how they were helping the workers in these tough COVID times. They even insisted on keeping the game on.

The pictures of the tips were all over the internet, although the underwriters wished to be unidentified. However, they surely wished to inspire others to support the needy in this difficult time. Nonetheless, they wanted to keep this trend going.

It was just a matter of few weeks when the restaurant workers from all over the city were getting tipped off in a huge amount. The supporters of both the universities turned up and tipped off a generous amount in almost all the restaurants of the Ohio city. The internet went crazy when the total tip amount crossed $34,000. In the history of earnings tips, no restaurant could have this amount of tip in just a few weeks.

Mike Burke’s owner of Zip Café, believed that the reason behind this tip war was the proximity of both the schools. Both the universities are just three miles apart. Thus, there were many sports competitions between them. This had made them competitive and it resulted in the benefit of the hardworking workers.

The tip war might be one of the healthy competitions among the supporters of Xavier’s and Cincinnati universities. But the impact that it had on the workers was enormous. Many workers lost their income source in COVID times when most of the restaurants shut down. This money can help them financially and have put a smile on more than a hundred workers.

Giving money aside, putting a smile on anyone’s face is a noble act. It inspired a lot of people to tip the local workers and put a smile on those who were not directly involved as well.