To Support The Protestors, Generous Owner “Looted” His Own Store

The owner of Penzey’s spices set an example for all the corporates who take a stand of their thinking and believes. When there was a time of turmoil in the city, all the big corporates tend to stay quiet stating that things could go out of control for the corporate relationships but Penzey’s head thought quite differently into the matter.

Penzey’s spices have been recognized as the largest retailer of spices in the U.S. Its CEO Bill Penzey is quite a man of words and always stays strong about his beliefs; especially regarding “corruption and cruelty”. In his opinion, corruption and cruelty have taken a long jump over the Republican Party in the rule of President Trump. In recent times, Penzey took a step forward and supported the riots against the racial injustice happening in the country.

Protests taking place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, were in favor of demanding justice for Jacob Blake who was shot multiple times by two cruel and heartless policemen vigorously. These protests took a violent turn accompanied by shooting at protestors and looting of stores. At that time, one unknown man wrote to Penzey, asking that if he would have a different approach if his own store were being looted? To everyone’s surprise, Penzey replied back to his subscribers on the newsletter and made it clear that he would stick to his beliefs and his approach would remain exactly the same.

Making it transparent, several recipients of the newsletter shared it on social platforms, along with @MoggieBoourns. However, penzey’s point was clarified in just a tender phrase “Human life means everything; stuff, not so much.” Surprisingly, the letter enlightened Penzey with a great unusual idea. Most of the people found it shocking, but Penzey really suggested the idea of looting his own store. He mentioned that what if they took a snapshot of the inventory in Penzey’s store at Kenosha and gave exactly the same amount of inventories in the timespan of a week.

Adding to the list of his own ideas, Penzey continued, what if they gave out their spices and seasonings to the pantries and gift boxes to those who were trying to raise the fund change. Supporting him, his mother told him to go on with this concept. Penzey, being polite, asked his customers to visit the store and suggest to him ideas about where the items should go. He was open to welcome all the thoughts with great enthusiasm and zeal.

Analyzing the situation, Penzey was symbolically looting his own store. However, In May his store was genuinely looted during the protests of killing George Floyd. Evidently, @tompkins4881, a twitter user shared the pictures of murals painted on the lodged Minneapolis store after it was damaged.

After the store was looted and damaged, Penzey wrote to his subscribers that if sweeping some glass pieces and replacing one or two windows were enough to make everybody realize the costs of racism-fueled police violence towards minorities, then it was worth it. Penzey truly is an inspiration and idol for many. As simple as it seems, it takes too much courage to execute a “theft” at one’s own store.