Toddler Leaves Mother Dumbfounded By Ordering A $400 Couch

The whip-smart gadgets rule over our hearts. Not just adults but toddlers of the millennium too are their fans. They cannot keep their hands off the unattended phones. But their joyous spree could ignite an unprecedented bizarre for their parents. Isabella McNeil is one of these victims. Her 2-year-old daughter ordered a couch costing $400 on amazon.

One day, the lady got a notification from the shopping platform. It intimated her that a couch had been shipped to her house. Isabella got horrified as she had not made the purchase. After digging deeper, she realized the whole situation. Some other day, she had been scrolling down the couch section in the shopping app. Something might have hit in her mind and she left her phone behind.

Her 2-year-old daughter made the full use of that moment. She enjoyed her gadget-spree. The ‘1-click’ amazing option offered by the app had facilitated her in selecting one for her mother. Thus, she ended up placing an order for one of them unintentionally. Poor soul! She was not even aware of the ruckus she had created. Her mother got up with the whole matter. But she could not do anything with it then.

The terms of return were very hard for her. She would have to pay a restocking fee of $79. Not just that, $100 shipping fee too had to be paid for that. So the afflicted mother could not go ahead with that option. But she dug out a way to get out of loss soon. She put the couch up for sale for $300 on OfferUp. She hoped to seal the deal on a favorable note. Well, that was a smart move on her part.


We have a long list of kids who did some sumptuous surprise shopping for their parents. A dad was taken aback to see a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite in his account. His mischievous baby had secured it on eBay in 2013. The dad certainly had a tough time in dealing with the matter. Felicity Sadler-Kean was caught in a similar kind of situation. Her 1-year-old daughter shopped some grocery stuff, a cut out of Justin Beiber, etc., in 2016.

Not just the toddlers but some grown up kids too feature in this list. An 11-year-old boy made a big hole in his parents’ pockets. The family was out on a vacation. The boy was not aware of the data roaming element that was thriving in 2013. So the message-obsessed kid could not control his craze and he ended up with a bill of $22000.

The mischievous spree of the kids had landed their parents in the soup of loss. One of them shared that she opted for app locks after shelling out a hefty amount to make up for her kid’s blunder.

To their relief, there are many devices now that offer many safety features. They can brush aside all their concerns by resorting to them.