What makes Narendra Modi the Worst Prime Minister of India? Read and find out!

If you’re unaware of the name “Narendra Modi”, then you’re probably living on Mars! From China to Australia, Narendra Modi is everywhere! You can list out all the achievements of Narendra Modi right from ‘Dil Ki Baat’ to ‘Make In India’, but why is he still hated? Check out why Narendra Modi is the worst PM of India till now:
1. A Wanderer:
By the time December ends, Modi has probably made 37 international trips, across five continents and the first ones being India’s neighboring countries (That’s why he’s never in India!). So what if he had ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ with Barack Obama! It does not affect India, even if the Foreign Direct Investment Equity increased 39% from last year. Does it affect us if the number of foreign tourist arrivals increased by 8.1%? (Which gave boost of 10% in foreign exchange earnings)
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2. Fuel Price:
Has it saved any of your money or affected you in any way since the International Market started to decide the fuel price? It does not make any difference if Modi freed the diesel prices (Who uses diesel, right?).
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3. What’s with GDP?
While Modi was busy with paying his visitations, India will overtake China! (What, China?! In what, how?) India will beat China by becoming the fastest-growing economy in the world. India’s GDP growth rate is 7.4%! (What’s GDP? Google it!)
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4. Subsidy Agenda:
What difference does it make if Modi linked LPG subsidies directly to bank accounts? Did it help the needy from paying extra for LPG by eliminating the middlemen and administrators? According to government reports, LPG subsidy is delivered directly to more than 120 million customers (What about rest? Which means almost 20-30 million had duplicate accounts!).
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5. Coal & Telecom Auctions:
There was a time when coal and telecom scams were the biggest sectors with the biggest scams in India. And ‘besharam’ Modiji just buzzed them off by blocking those old strategies and carried auctions! (So?) This step just made these sectors made free from scammers and generated a whopping amount of revenue (Wait, Where is it then?). And this money gave these sectors a ‘kick-start’ growth.
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6. Opportunities for Small Entrepreneurs:
While many of us (Indians) can’t even pronounce the word ‘entrepreneur’ correctly, Modi has started ‘Mudra’ loans to extend loans of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10 lakh to small entrepreneurs (So?). Do you know that India is home to the world’s second largest base of Small and Medium-sized Businesses? According to a survey by ‘GoDaddy’, the world’s largest technology provider, dedicated to especially small entrepreneurs, 63% of India’s small enterprises don’t own website, stating either they’re too small, lack technical expertise or can’t afford.
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7. Swachchh Bharat:
Even though we lack hygiene sense, we still don’t support Modi’s “cleaning” project (may be because we love being dirty or it’s hard to keep everything around clean). There was an increase of 17% in the number of toilets constructed, since last year (Come on people, at least, he did something connected to ‘cleanliness’, otherwise you know what NRI’s think about India’s hygiene ‘etiquettes’. I absolutely love Modi for this one!)
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8. Electricity for Everyone:
Who said that Indian villages are deprived of electricity? Did you know that electricity generation had the highest growth rate recorded last year? Right from 6% to 8.4%! And the growth rate of constructing transmission lines for power supply increased by 32% (If you still don’t believe what Modi can do, visit any village of Gujarat, and I bet you can find electricity and roads in every house and corner!).
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9. Visit to Silicon Valley:
Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to arrive in California, after nearly 33 years, and visited Silicon Valley, just to share his visions on ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make India’. This visit not only made the technology giants to invest in the digital market in India but also provoked them to visit the real India (Heard of “Free Basic Internet” of Facebook in India?).
PM in San Jose
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10. Among top 10:
According to WIN/ Gallup Survey for ORB International’s ‘International World Leader Index’, Narendra Modi has achieved the seventh position in most popular leaders in the world (Isn’t it something to brag about an Indian Prime Minister?)
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Do these things make you think that Narendra Modi is the worst Prime Ministers of all the time? I’m not his fan, but I definitely think he deserves a chance for the things he did for India. Nobody is perfect (Though we never saw this much success with any other leader, have we?).