Train terminated In UK as a Passenger Defecated In A Coach Ruining Three Seats

You might have heard various reasons for the cancellation of train services in your region. The weather conditions being one of them. It is inconvenient but we have come to terms with it. But when the reason for the cancellation of the train is bizarre like this one and just feels “unreal”, your frustration levels are sure to rise.

Something really weird happened in Sunderland, England when a train had to be terminated. We know the termination of this train is not weird but we assure, the reason is! So, this immediate termination of this train happened because someone had defecated on the train which ruined three seats and of course, the entire coach became “inhabitable” after that.

No one wants to be around, let alone sit in the area where someone has taken a dump. There are serious health reasons for this and we all understand those!

The situation was not reported until after 5 pm on the same day. A passenger boarded the train at South Hylton Station and immediately reported it. The driver was quick in taking an action.  The “messy” rail car was closed till further intimation at South Gosforth Station.

The Tyne and Wear transport network issued an apology for the inconvenience caused to the passengers due to train termination.

The company that provides this train service, Nexus, clarified in their statement that cleaning and making it fit for further use was the priority. Public hygiene is crucial!

As this incident is not something one would expect, the investigation needs to be carried out and that involves looking at the CCTV recording. We wonder who is assigned that task! But it is important to know the story behind this so that similar incidents can be avoided in the future.

Although we do not come across such instances on a regular basis (yes, which is good!) but when we do it does make us feel a little uncomfortable. Why would someone do that?

Could it be an emergency? What did the fellow passengers feel like at that moment? These are just some of the many questions running through our minds (and yours too!) but for now, they remain unanswered until it happens again which we definitely don’t want!