Trolls Body Shame Baby Girl For Birthday Photo-Shoot With KFC Bucket

Many people love KFC and eating products of the chain makes their day. A woman, who even has considered a KFC themed wedding, posted a picture of her cute baby girl enjoying the KFC bucket on her first birthday. The picture has attracted a lot of trolls.

Kayla Frizzell, a mother of two is from Australia.She had been constantly tagged in the KFC memes for a while now. Even though she loves the fast-food chain but she never lets her kids eat frequently from the food chain. However, she thought it would be a great idea to mix the two things she loves, her baby Mia and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Therefore, she chose her daughter’s first birthday for the idea.

Kayla, a photographer, decided to do a photo-shoot for Mia. Her idea for the special day was different from the usual cake smashing trend. Kayla posted a picture of Mia with a KFC bucket but instead of receiving love, the mother got caught up in the trolls. People started fat shaming Mia which shocked her.

Posted by More Than Words – Photography by Kayla Frizzell on Thursday, June 11, 2020

There were many cruel comments made on the picture. One of them read, “No wonder this baby is fat, KFC should not be given to one-year-olds.” Another comment read that they would report Kayla to child services over the picture posted online. Naturally, Kayla was sickened by the comments.

She spoke to where she let feelings out. She said that she was very angry at the fat labeling. Mia is an innocent one-year-old child and people should not be calling her fat. She further said that she did not care about them pointing out KFC’s not healthy as it was the first time that she had let Mia suck on the bone. She added that Mia had a balanced diet and was still breastfed.

Although, she joked about KFC by saying that she would never share her KFC food with anyone, be it her daughter. Though, Mia did not eat any chicken. She added that Mia ate a few chips but was fed before the shoot. It was her and her partner that ate the chicken; and handed the bone to Mia for the shoot.

She added: “We already live in a judgmental society where we grow up and it’s normally teenagers feeling the pressure to be a size 10 or to fit into this, or be Instagram-worthy… but to shame a one-year-old or to shame the mother who’s doing her absolute best to share a fun, creative Facebook shoot in isolation times? There’s just no need for negativity.”

Netizens can be cruel sometimes. Trolling a one-year-old is not done. Fat-shaming anyone is not considered morally correct but doing it to a one-year-old is another low. There are so many drives taking place to increase the awareness about such social causes but some people just don’t get it. It was natural for Kayla to go mad at the trolls. We stand by Kayla in this.