Truck Driver Applauded For Helping An Old Lady Cross A Puddle

The lady in the video is old and is not able to walk properly. She wants to enter her car but there is a giant puddle between the road and her car door. The water in the puddle was at least a few feet deep. Even if she somehow tried to cross it, she would have got soaked or might even gotten struck there. A truck driver appeared and offered to help the woman. He parked his truck in the front side of the car. Then He moved his truck to the place from where the lady could use the tail lift as a ramp to reach her car.

The video was released on TikTok and its reception was wonderful. The video went viral overnight. People were overjoyed to see such a kind act. They flooded the video with likes, shares and lovable comments. It got more than 608k likes in just three days. Many people shared and commented their good wishes towards the truck driver. People praised him, wished for good things to happen in his life and much more. A person felt overwhelmed, while the other said her heart melted. One person also depicted the incident to be the sweetest thing ever. While one other person wished that karma treats driver and his crew well. There were many more funny, quirky and overwhelming comments on the video.


This incident shows us that even though we are in dark times of pandemic, any kind act is always appreciated. It also fills a sense of encouragement and warmth in people. It also gives everyone a strong message that if we treat others well, the same will replicate for us too. There is nothing more satisfying that helping others. It always leaves a greater impact on humanity. It also fills people with hope. A hope that no matter what the situation may be, there will be people to help you. Even if you are in your worst phase, there is still humanity in the world and it will always find you.

Truck Driving can be a hard job. One has to travel long distance and people don’t even see their own family for days. They have food, essentials, couriers, sometimes fragile medicines to deliver. But they are also a human first. And that’s what this video depicts perfectly. Social media and internet always help to spread these heartening things to masses. It’s always good when more and more people see videos like these. People need to be hopeful and always believe in doing something good. Do good and have good is a great motto and the humanity stands on it.