Turkish Restaurant Uses Plastic Domes For Outdoor Sitting Post Lockdown

The global pandemic has given everyone a lot to think about the way we live. Businesses all over the world were shut down for some time due to the health crisis. But now with precautionary measures, people have started opening up their businesses. One Turkish restaurant has made plastic domes to ensure its customers are safe and follow precautionary measures.

Businesses couldn’t be kept closed forever thus, post lockdown owners have taken precautionary measures to ensure the spread of the coronavirus is controlled. The Turkish restaurant has installed plastic domes to ensure its customers are safe and practice social-distancing post lockdown. The Turkce Meze Kubbe restaurant, overlooking the Bosporus in Istanbul, has installed plastic domes in the outdoor setting.

The plastic bubbles add an aesthetic touch to the whole outdoor sitting. They not only make everything beautiful but are safer, more sterile, cleaner, and provide a hygienic environment during the health crisis. Customers are separated from each other not only through distance by being separated by proper boundaries. The domes are created just to follow the precautionary measures other than it is just like older times.

With a table allowing several sittings and the outdoor views can still be enjoyed with your family and friends. After use, the domes are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly and frequently to ensure the safety of the customers and the staff. A customer shared his views on the new setup and said “I didn’t leave the house during the coronavirus period. Today is my first time out. It’s a very close friend’s birthday. We weren’t really planning on coming here, but it caught our attention when we saw the domes from the outside, and that’s how we decided to come here.”

The country has had 4,905 deaths from the coronavirus since March and there were strict coronavirus guidelines and restrictions imposed. But since June 1 there were some relaxations given to the citizens. The restaurants following proper precautionary measures were allowed to do business. However, the residents of the provinces of Istanbul, Ankara, and Bursa should wear masks while stepping out of their homes according to the guidelines issued by the government.

The guidelines are issued to ensure that the spread of the coronavirus can be controlled and stopped. Puns in the United Kingdom also shared a glimpse of how the pubs will be re-opened post lockdown. The pubs will be using disposable menus, using scan codes for payments. Proper markings will be made to ensure social-distancing and hand sanitizers will be placed on every table.

Eddie Gershon, Wetherspoon representative in a conversation said: “We do have the advantage of our pubs tending to be on average 4,000 square foot in customer space and 75 per cent of our pubs have beer gardens, roof terraces or outside areas.”

He further added: “We appreciate that our pubs will have to have less people in line with how many we are allowed to have here but because they are slightly larger we probably aren’t as badly hit as others are.” While things may have started opening up but precautionary measures need to be taken seriously.