Turning “Boring” Beige Abode Into A Rainbow Realm

Jane Gottlieb transformed her house in Santa Barbara, California, into a mansion of vibrant colors. But none of her neighbors appreciate her gesture as it seems to be an oddity among the other beige Mediterranean houses.

As someone being an artist, looking up to the surrounding in an interesting perspective is entirely innate. But the same isn’t intended for everybody because nobody else finds the beige-colored homes to be dull and boring. While Jane converts her abode into a rainbow realm, she noticed that her neighbors didn’t agree much with the concept. Besides, she spends $5000 a year to keep up the richness of colors.

The 70-year-old artist put in two moths entirely for transforming an ordinary house to a place with extraordinary grandeur. The assortment of colors includes nine for the outside and more than a dozen for the inside. Although getting it painted once won’t do the work, the colors eventually fade in the sunlight. And the further addition of colors makes it look brighter every time.

It looks tantalizing to the passers-by and the visitors so much that they call it the ‘rainbow house.’ However, the same isn’t the case with people in her neighborhood because it doesn’t fit in among other “beige” homes. Jane tells that the visitors and passers-by always seem to be flabbergasted when they get a glimpse of her house. She says: “I don’t understand this obsession with beige and brown, I just don’t know why that is such a popular color combination for the world.” Moreover, she always had affection with bright colors.

But her modification isn’t appreciated much by people around her as all Mediterranean houses have beige color whereas her abode stands apart with a splendid view. Nonetheless, visitors adore the look and call it several names like the color house, the rainbow house, or the Easter house. It feels special when Jane no longer needs to tell people where she lives as they’ve already seen it.

Although the house needs maintenance every year, it clearly falls on the expensive side. Her decorators are also elated to put in the work, and above all, it’s a non-ending process. Jane and her husband, David Obst, 73, have been living in the house for 23 years. When they moved in, they had to spend two months bringing the home to its original version. That included removing the extensions and add-ons that had enveloped the modern design inside it. Jane always comes with new ideas, and the house turns even brighter with new colors put on it.

She said: “It was originally built in 1977 and it was a very modern and unusual house for Santa Barbara because they are usually Mediterranean houses around here.” The last owner of the house had no interest in the modern details of the house, so he had put add-ons to cover them up. When Jane found the hidden treasure, she knew that all she needs to do is enhance the already built masterpiece with brighter colors.

Being an award winner for hand-painting on Cibachrome prints and becoming a photoshop explorer, Jane still feels that her home is her most prominent piece of art. “It’s my 3-D art piece filled with my art, and I’m really proud of it, I love living here, it’s a great place,” says Jane.