Twitch Streamers Raise Over $200K To Help Australia

The present condition of Australia is not hidden anymore. Climate change is a huge factor in this bad state pf Australia or even the whole world. The whole country is burning and according to the surveys, bushfires have eradicated thousands of homes, killed many people and species of animals.

Reports also show that the total number of animals that have been killed in this tragedy has reached a whopping amount of one billion. The pictures of this deracination spreading across the internet will definitely melt your heart.

Initially, most media houses did not cover this story but once the situation got out of hands everyone all over the globe was doing everything they can to stand by Australia. In this situation to combat such a big problem, people all across the world are making every possible contribution to that the wounds of this nation.

This tragedy has badly impacted the entire population of Australia. Campaigns are being run by different communities to help homeless people and animals. Even the gamers have stepped into contributing to this helping process.

Twitch streamers are putting their efforts to raise funds for the victims. Streamers like Loserfruit, Fasffy, and Crayator decided to help their country by hosting a continuous 24-hour Twitch stream in order to raise an amount of $15,000 AUD with the help of charity which would eventually help with the bushfires.

Luckily, the fund estimation went 20 times higher than the amount that they had initially expected. The IGN’s report showed that these three streamers had reached the goal of $15,000 within the first hour of their stream only.

The amount continued to grow exponentially and so did the support from other users. Different guests joined these streamers during their journey of 24 hours of stream. Well, the stream went on for 36 hours instead of just 24 which was decided later on when they had hit the mark of $200k in just 24 hours.

The streamers were mostly playing Fortnite and The Sims 4. The impact of bushfires in Australia was discussed thoroughly with the viewers of the stream. Another Twitch streamer Dakotaz made the largest donation of $14,000 and $7k at two different instances for this deed. He also shared his memory of playing World of Warcraft with various Australian players and wished well to the streamers and the people of Australia.

At the end of the stream, the total fund raised was exactly in and they planned to distribute the total amount among different organizations such as NSW Rural Fire Service, the Australian Red Cross and Wires which are organizations to rescue the wild animals.

Loserfruit thanked everyone for their contribution and also revealed the list of top 100 donators later. The co-founder of Click Management, Grace Watkins told IGN how proud she felt when she came to know about their efforts to raise funds for the charity.

It is really incredible to see how the togetherness of people around the world with the help of some influencers can make a positive impact. With this unity, we can tackle any issue globally. No matter how big or small our contribution is, it will be fruitful if it can possibly help even a single person. We can make our own contributions to several organizations and help Australia fight this disaster.