Two British Citizens Were Asked To Apologize After They Created A Havoc In Cambodia

Drunk people are known to create a ruckus everywhere they go. However, these two men took their drunkenness to next level and slept on the floor of a police station in Cambodia. However, an apology letter was late given in which they promised to be good tourists.

A video is being circulated on the net and it is about two men lying on the floor of a police station in Cambodia. James Donaghue and Josh Little, the two men in the video are British citizens.

James, who is 40 years old and Josh a 27-year-old man were later asked to apologize in writing. They were even asked to be “good tourist” for the time they were in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

The two men were sleeping on the floor, one under the table and another beside the wall. The same day, earlier they had created a havoc in the Turkish Embassy during the early hours.


The police asked them to write an apology and seal it with their thumbprints. The authorities warned them if they were again caught for the hubbub, they will have to face prosecution.

The letter read, “I will not make any trouble or cause any problems in Cambodia. I will obey the Cambodian law. I will help Cambodia by being a good tourist every time I visit this wonderful country.

In case (sic) need me to come over I am happy to come at any time.”

The joint statement ended with, “I am James Donaghue and Josh Little. We would like to apologize for what we have done. It was a bad mistake and would like to promise that it will never happen again.”

They were later released without any charges.

If you don’t want to face such consequences, make sure you are a good tourist and behave in public place. Don’t be like James and Josh!