Unborn Baby With Spina Bifida Was Taken Out Of The Womb For Surgery And Was Then Placed Back Inside

A woman’s happiness knows no bounds when she finds out about her pregnancy (of course, the planned ones!). Mothers keep praying for the perfect health of the baby but certain things are meant to happen. Bethan Simpson had a complication with her baby which was taken care of with surgery on the baby in the womb.

Bethan Simpson was in the second trimester of her pregnancy in December of 2018 when she got the news that her unborn daughter had spina bifida. This complication occurs when the backbone and membranes surrounding the spinal cord are not completely closed. This leaves it exposed even before the baby’s development has started. The babies born with this encounter some problems in the later stages including the inability to walk leading to them undergoing surgeries all their lives.

It was not easy for 26-year-old Bethan to hear the news. No parent can see their child in pain and in this case, she had not even seen or held her yet. The doctors explained Bethan and her husband Kieron the entire situation with they had three options. They could either continue with the pregnancy, abort the pregnancy or the last option was a fetal surgery.

Bethan expressed her thoughts in a Facebook post regarding the three options. She explained that she was ready for the surgery and started the procedure of the surgery in no time. She wrote, “We got approved on the 17th December we planned for surgery. Our lives were such a rollercoaster for the next few weeks.” The date of the surgery was decided as of January 8.

Finally, the day of the surgery arrived. There were a lot of feelings going through their mind but staying calm was the best option at that moment. The surgery to mend the spine of the baby took place at the University College London Hospital (UCLH) by specialized doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

This operation involves removing the baby from the womb for treatment and then placing her back in after the surgery. We know it sounds risky and it is, for sure. Bethan had a successful surgery and the post-surgery results were all good including her brain functioning and ventricles. When the child is operated at this stage, the chances of getting well are more as compared to post-birth surgery.

Bethan was thrilled to see the success of the surgery. Her baby was safe and sound in her womb! She gave a lot of credit to her family for standing by her side all throughout the process.

Bethan could not stop gushing about her unborn daughter and how she has been great through the surgery with an amazing response. According to her, “She’s extra special. She’s part of history and our daughter has shown just how much she deserves this life.”

It feels great to know that people are becoming more aware of the pregnancy and the risks involved. In a world which is driven by technology, we have come really far with the medical advancements and there is a lot less to worry about!