Use Of Q-Tip Proved To Be Highly Risky For This Man, He Got A Skull Infection

We all find picking up and using that Q-tip the easiest way to clean our ears. What seems easy might not always be the best idea! This man had a terrible experience with the Q-tip that led to some neurological problems. You need to know this if you are a regular user of that “little stick”.

Who would have ever thought that a small stick with cotton swabs would make one person undergo a surgery? Those Q-tips may have another side to them which is important to know!

You must have heard the doctors telling you to avoid putting the Q-tips in your ear. Wondering the reason for that? The cleaning process that you think is effective might be doing some harm to your ears. The wax can get further inside the ear canal with the Q-tip and that’s definitely risky.

In England, a 31-year-old man suffered from a serious infection after the tip was “trapped” inside the ear canal after he finished cleaning his ear.

The man did not realize what the stuck tip could do to him, but soon he knew.

It led to a bacterial infection that slowly made its way into the meninges, the lining of the brain through the skull base. The man experienced a seizure and some other health problems related to the brain.

The seizure made things serious and he knew he needed immediate medical attention. He was facing some other problems like headaches, ear pain and hearing loss in the past that continued for years and the increased infection led to the seizure.

He was taken in for some tests including a thorough scan of the brain to determine the problem. After the scan, two areas were found which were filled with infection. These were present at the base of his skull.

He had to undergo a diagnostic surgery and the doctors were successful in finding the cotton swab which was the root cause of all the neurological problems and symptoms he was encountering for a while now.

His recovery process took a week and some antibiotic medication. He was back to normal after a few weeks.

People need to know this case to avoid being in a life-threatening situation just because of a Q-tip. Your ears do need cleaning, but the usage of products for that should be prescribed by your doctor.

There is always some amount of wax in your ears which is normal. However, the problem begins when it accumulates in there more than the normal quantity. You will experience some issues regarding hearing in that case and it is recommended that you visit your doctor immediately.

So, if you are “addicted” to putting that Q-tip inside your ear for cleaning it all up, then you should know what can be the consequences. So, think again!