USPS Worker Saved Elderly Woman’s Life After Noticing Unpicked Mail For 3 Days

Shonda Lemon has been delivering mail for four long years now, across her Chicago locality route. She was worried when she realized that the 89 years old Helen Iwanski had picked up none of her mail for three straight days. She, therefore, decided to call and inform the police to do a welfare inspection on the old woman. After Lemon’s plea for help, the police went to check on Helen. They reached her place only to see her lying on the floor from an injury.

The elderly lady had had a fall some days ago and was not able to get up. She, therefore, could not call for any assistance. By God’s grace and Lemon’s presence of mind, she had been found well in time. While talking about her relationship with the old woman, Lemon said that while they didn’t talk much, they still shared a pleasant connection. She used to wrap Helen’s mail in rubber bands to make it easier for her to hold onto.

Iwanski in return used to tape sweets to her outgoing mail in order to be found by her mail carrier. In one of her interviews, Lemon talked about her soft spot for the elderly. She mentioned how when she meets elderlies, they make a special place in her heart. She said that she only knew Helen to be a nice and thoughtful lady, so she always used to check on her whenever she used to come to the door. After informing the police that day, Shonda had to resume along her mail route.

But when the police called to inform her that the old lady was alive, she couldn’t stop herself from breaking down into tears. To put in her words, her “heart was in her throat” until the police didn’t break the good news to her. She said that the news, at the same time, had relieved and overwhelmed her so much that she cried. Delightfully, Iwanski has recovered after staying in a local hospital for a week. She’s currently convalescing in a rehabilitation center.

Mary Mason, the old woman’s niece, disclosed that Iwanski now calls Lemon her angel and added that her family believes that Lemon almost definitely saved her life. Mary also said that she doesn’t believe that the old woman would’ve endured and that it wouldn’t have been a good outcome.

The US Postal Service in a statement said that their employees are aware of the habits of their customers and patterns of their communities. They added that these employees are usually the first to inform the emergency workers and provide aid and assistance whenever something is wrong. They said that the employees have been praised for going above and beyond their call of duty whenever the situation called for it. They’ve been known for helping lost children, calling assistance for injured or sick customers, spotting fires and more. Lemon’s has been another example of the valiant actions of an employee.