Volunteer Groups In France Go Above And Beyond For The Young Migrants Coming To Paris!

In Europe and North America, the situation is not at all stable as a huge number of migrants are struggling in search of shelter. This has added to the burden on governments with additional responsibilities. In spite of all this, Parisians are ready to help refugees in finding suitable shelter areas.

Further, volunteer groups in France are trying their best in order to fulfill the requirements of the teen migrants, who otherwise have to sleep on roadsides. Many of them try to prove themselves as minors and spend months in Paris itself. As they are alone, it is much difficult for them to prove their age. Eventually, they have very few chances of getting official shelters and have to roam in the city, empty handed.


A teenager named Patrick reached Paris, after going through a tiring journey, via Niger, Nigeria, Algeria, Morocco and Spain. He could not sleep for several nights as he had to take shelter in the metro and under highway overpasses.

“I was so cold and so dirty,” he said, “I had dreamed of France since I was a little kid, but I had no idea that people slept on the streets here.”


After a while, he went into the center where Red Cross conducted age assessments. Being an orphan, Patrick was informed that his birth certificates are not sufficient to prove his age. Moreover, it was reported that though proper data is not available, it’s a fact that 80% cases gets rejected in the initial stages.

Local government bears the responsibility of sheltering the lonely minor migrants and adult ones are taken up by the state run shelters. As state run shelters are few in number, they do not intervene for the sake of minor migrants. Because of all this, Patrick had no other option but to sleep on the streets.


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