Waitress Called Out For Sneakily Swapping Pregnant Woman’s Drinks Order

When a woman is expecting a child, there are a number of things that she is asked to prevent doing for keeping her body and the fetus healthy. From soft cheese to certain kinds of fish, there are several things that should not be eaten. One such thing we all know about is that a pregnant woman should keep from consuming alcohol.

So, if you happen to be in a situation where a lady who is expecting a child, comes to you asking for a drink, what will you do? A waitress stuck in kind of a similar scenario took the authority to replace a woman’s drink who she supposed was pregnant. The waitress ended up getting herself fired!

She then took to Reddit seeking public opinion on whose fault it was for what happened to her. According to her, she was just being considerate. The woman tells about the whole incident in her post describing how she overheard a woman being pregnant which is followed by many people commenting on it giving out opinions.

The waitress says that as she was waitressing in a club at a night, a group of friends came in and took the table she was supposed to wait on. While she was taking their order, she heard two of them discussing how a woman among them was ‘fourteen weeks along’ and she took it to mean that the woman was pregnant! The group ordered cocktails for all of them. The waitress got them what they ordered at first, but when they ordered yet another round of cocktails, the waitress said that she started getting concerned and thus decided to take matters into her hands.

She asked the bartender to make one of the cocktails virgin. The bartender at first was dubious, but as he was good friends with the waitress, so when the waitress told him to trust her, he did so. They served the “pregnant” woman with a virgin cocktail.

The woman didn’t notice this and was getting along with her friends. They ordered another round, and she was served virgin cocktail again! All of them started getting rowdy and the woman was also getting into it.

Since everything was going alright, the waitress thought that the situation was under control. Soon, the group asked for the bill and the waitress brought it on their table. The group decided to split their bill at the register. The supposed pregnant woman then noticed that her drinks were marked with ‘virgin’. When she asked the waitress what this meant, the waitress just told them that it means non-alcoholic. On being asked if they ordered any non-alcoholic drink, the waitress told the woman how she overheard them and how the woman should look after her health.

The woman and her group turned out to be furious at this. The waitress was first made to return her part of the tip. They called up the manager, shouted at him and got her fired. The comments on the post read that ‘fourteen weeks along’ could have meant anything, and that the waitress should not have taken matters into her hands assuming things of her own!