Waitress Got Emotional On Receiving $330 In Tip

Seeing Katie jobless for quite a few months, her friend put her up for the ‘Venmo Challenge’. It is a social media challenge that requests people to acquire money so that it can be used as generous tips for waiting on staff.

The normal gratuity in America is generally around 15-20% of the bill- unless you’re Kylie Jenner, who can afford way more. Katie was shocked on receiving massive 963% tip after the customer’s bill only came to $35.

A lady named Heather Hotrum was the one who gave the praiseworthy waitress the cash and captured her pure reaction on camera.

Heather uploaded the much awaited video on Facebook. She clarified that they asked for Katie’s permission before shooting the video. She told her Facebook friends that the situation got so emotional that even she was not able to hold her tears back and warned everyone that they should grab a tissue. At last she thanked everyone who contributed to this campaign. The attendants work really hard, giving the best service to their customers and deserve this kind of appraisal.

Katie in an interview told to her local TV station about the time she was given the tip. She said that she couldn’t believe what was happening. Heather told her that they have been collecting donations from a long time and decided to thank her by giving it all to her.

Katie further said that she was filled with wonder and was astonished by such a kind gesture. She thought of spending the money on buying a brand new pair of shoes for work. She also plans on paying the money forward.

Katie learnt a lesson that one should be compassionate, kind hearted and generous because everyone is going through some or the other thing. If you can in any way help others, you should go forward and so.

Venom Challenge has helped many other US serves with generous tips as well. Some time back, a waitress in Ohio had received a $600 tip. Funny, we all wish to see a little less of Kylie Jenner, but somewhere want her to see this challenge and contribute to this amazing cause.

Hope this challenges gains popularity and helps the one in need.