Waitrose Employee Arrives For Shift, Instead Gets Signed By A Music Executive

Sometimes luck is just around the corner. But for her, it was probably waiting right by the biscuit aisle. A supermarket employee, Karina Ramage was definitely not expecting this when she arrived for her shift at the Waitrose store in West Hampstead, London and was spotted by the music executive who created Blue. When he spotted her with her guitar, he asked her to sing something for him and to his surprise, he instantly was smitten by her voice, and hence, she was signed right on the spot.

The 25 year old was expecting none of this when Dan Glatman himself approached her and asked her to sing for him. The co-creator of Blue had just gone to buy some biscuits and flour when he saw a guitar with Karina and asked her, “What’s with the guitar?”.

The Glasgow born performer then told him that she was a part time Busker, to which he replied, “Let’s see what you’ve got”.

However, he wasn’t expecting to be completely blown by her performance. She sang her own penned down song, named ‘wasteland’, which is about how much damage humans are causing to the planet. The song is available on Spotify. The lyrics include, “We throw thrash in the oceans, fill the water with toxins… feed the turtles with bin bags, make the world a wasteland”.

The 44 year old captured the whole performance and the footage shows her performance by the biscuit aisle and the crowd that had gathered around, completely amazed by her voice and song. After her performance, the onlookers broke into a wild applause and she was immediately signed on the spot by Mr. Glatman. He can be heard in the footage where he says, “I’m in. I’m so in. That sounds like the sort of song the world needs to be hearing right now.”

In an interview he says, “It totally blew me away. I was just like, ‘My God! That was just like a hit, she was amazing. I went in there for a packet of biscuits and a bag of flour and walked out with a star”.

Further adding, “She only works there twice a week. I just could not believe my luck. She is fantastic. I’m really excited about her, it’s very rare. You’re searching for a needle in a Haystack and I found it in a Biscuit aisle”.

It’s not the first time Dan Glatman has done such spontaneous signs. He had signed Froncysyllte Male Voice Choir after hearing them at a wedding in 2006.