We Bet You Can't Solve This Easy Maths Puzzle!

Recently a puzzle that was published on Facebook has been driving people crazy, especially the masses in China. This math puzzle is trending in China and has evoked a debate among people who are arguing over the correct answer. It is quite an attention grabbing puzzle which has received over 1,700 comments and 1,200 likes on social media.


The puzzle features a flower which is being used in place of numbers in equations. It is posted as a graphic, which has 3 rows containing three flowers each. The flowers are added together to give a sum. The last row also has an equation that uses flowers, but the result is unknown.

The first line has three red flowers, which when added produce a total of 60. The second row has one red flower and two blue flowers, which add up to give a total of 30. The third row has one blue flower which is subtracted from two yellow flowers, and the result comes out to be 3. The last line has one yellow flower plus one red flower, which is multiplied by one blue flower. For this particular row, the answer is yet not revealed.



The contention over the correct answer has still not ended. Professor Puzzler, a maths teacher named Doug, said, “The problem was unsolvable, due to blue flower having different numbers of petals.”

He wrote on the site, “The correct answer to this question is, ‘No, I cannot solve this. If you came up with a numerical value, you were wrong (sorry!)…we do not have any information with which to calculate the value of a blue flower with four petals.”

every person has a different answer which they have mentioned in the comments of the post. Some are confident that it is 110 or 102, while others claim it is 27 or 25.


The actually answer is 81!

How? This is calculated as the red flowers are worth 20, that a blue flower is worth 5, and two yellow flowers are worth 2 each.

“In the final line there is one yellow flower added to one red flower multiplied by one blue flower with four petals, making the equation 1 + 20 x 4. You multiply 20 by four, to get 80, and then add the one to get the final answer of 81.”

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