We Bet You Didn’t Know That Women Are Turned On By These 14 Everyday Things!

Whenever it comes to turning a woman on,a lot of ways revolve around the mind, like executing skilled foreplay. However, some of the most successful moves turn out to be the non-sexual ones, outside the bedroom. These could be a part of daily routine chores, like reading or cooking or, surprisingly, it could also be driving safely and swiftly. Isn’t it quite shocking?


Though shocking, it is true. In a massive Reddit thread titled “Women of Reddit, what do men do that’s attractive, that men don’t know about?” a number of women disclosed about their top non sexual turns on.

Now coming to the point, here are 14 basic actions which surely help in turning women on.

#  1  Driving Safely!!


Most of the time guys drive aggressively, their speedometer knows no limits. The ones who drive slowly and safely enjoying the very moment are the ones to be counted on. Girls are more attracted towards them. So next time, boys be careful!! Being protective of her is another factor favoring the slow drive. Just be ready to pay attention to her wants and security.

#2  Cooking Passionately


They act so confident and spontaneous as if they are the up with some routine activity. Chopping veggies, making real efforts with the pan, surely impress the ladies. Women feel lucky seeing that their man is making such an effort.It would even be right to say that along with meal, the woman finds herself prepared to comfort each other. The dinner can wait, some other things need priority.

#3 sharing about their thoughts and emotions.


The man, who is confident enough to speak out about his emotions or the things he cares about the most, is the one to allure the women around. Women find these type of men to be trustworthy and easy to rely on. The bond would strengthen further if both feel virtually and socially attached to each other, a sense of unique connection will linger on, paving the way for the women to allow herself to submit.

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