Wedding Guest Shows Up In A White Gown, People Were Quick To Slam Her

As much as we all love to attend a wedding of our friends and family members, there are a few things that we need to make a note of in our heads before entering the venue to celebrate the couple. One of those rules is to never wear a white dress to a wedding where you are not the bride! However, someone missed this crucial point and ended up at her friend’s wedding in a white gown. Well, the internet had the right comments for her.

Every bride dreams of looking flawless in a magical white gown as she walks down the aisle to take the vows. But that moment can be ruined by one tiny mistake made by a wedding guest. This bride knows the pain of that blunder whose friend showed up at her big day in a white gown. That’s a disaster!

Although it was a beautiful long gown with lace details on it, there was no reason to wear it at a friend’s wedding.

Someone present at that celebration noted the woman who was definitely not the bride wearing a gown with a train and was baffled by that sight. That person decided to explain the awful incident on Reddit.

“This girl looks absolutely gorgeous, stunning and every other word for perfect. But she is NOT the bride. You had one job,” a Facebook friend of hers commented.

People had a lot to say about this weird decision. The post received more than 200 comments that reflected rage. One wrote, “Unreal, like does she not have a friend to perhaps suggest that, lovely though the gown might be, this is NOT the function to wear it to?”

Someone even blamed the woman’s partner who did not confront her about her outfit choice for someone else’s wedding. “Totally self-involved and selfish couple,” the comment read.

Another confused and infuriated person wrote, “It is considered extremely tacky to wear a white, gown like dress to a wedding. That honor should be reserved for the bride. Basically, it is the equivalent of yelling ‘Look at me!’ on one of the most important days of someone else’s life.”

People expressed their anger over such action that involves ruining someone’s special day. “If someone showed up in this to my wedding they’d be kicked out immediately,” another one said.

We think the one who posted this had enough of that woman roaming around the venue of the ceremony. So, they decided to share her terrible choice of attire for a wedding.

The comments kept coming in and someone wrote, “Wear this to my wedding and I will personally toss you out.” That needs to be printed on the wedding cards!

We hope this is the last time we hear about a dress disaster by a guest at a wedding. Let the couple shine on their big day!