Weird Passenger Caught Drying Socks By Hanging Them On Airplane Window

There have been cases of people drying their knickers from the overhead air vent and using their feet to operate the on-board touch screen entertainment system. It is advised that authorities should immediately collect such passengers. What cannot be understood is how difficult it is to board the plane, sit and do not do something bizarre and then get off the plane.

Sometimes it seems that some passengers have sworn to scare their co-passengers. Recently one passenger gave the same fright while drying off his socks from the shutter of the plane window. A passenger even shared the picture of the anonymous man on the “Passengers Shaming” page on Instagram with more than one million followers.

The picture when posted online gained many likes and comments. Most of them were sarcastic remarks such as ‘Me doing my laundry on the way to LA this weekend! #multitasking’. Though sarcastic comments were posted on the picture and to some it was even funny, but many were not the fan of such behavior.

There are people believe that a person should behave in a certain way when in public to make sure that society works properly. Some things are to be done in the privacy of their homes. But some people feel that one should behave the way they want and should not be bothered when judged by people around you.

There are many times when both of the statements justify your actions. Different people have different views and perspectives on what they do in life. One can always not behave like society wants them to because no matter what you cannot justify yourself to everyone. How badly you want to impress others, you cannot make everyone happy.

But when it comes to making your co-passengers uncomfortable there should be a way that one should behave. You cannot make others uncomfortable just to prove that you are carefree. Most people feel the same way for the passenger drying off his socks from the shutter window of the plane.

Some of the other comments that were posted are “Classless low lifes are everywhere.” “Why?!? There is absolutely no justification for this.” “Why would anyone admit doing something so ignorant?” “Disgusting pig.” Some believed that it represented worry for non-existed. But what have you in your mind for people leaving urine in plastic bags tied to the front seats of the plane.