What Is It Like To Be In A Live-In Relationship In India?

If you live in a country like India, being in a relationship is something that you can’t conspicuously mention about to your parents or your relatives. It is like a huge kept secret that need not come out ever. if being in a relationship is such a big deal in this country then you can well imagine what it would be like to be in a live-in relationship, even if it is with the one you intend on marrying. It is a bigger secret that needs to be kept away from your family, else your whole sanity is mortified.


“‘I practically live with my boyfriend’ and every time someone hears these words, they imagine monkey sex every time couple hit their room but living with your partner is much more than that. Once you start living with your boyfriend, you have more than just physical intimacy, there are nights when you wake up in his arms and then there are nights when he is scrolling down his emails. Some afternoons you go out on romantic brunches and in some, you watch movies on the bed. Being with your boyfriend all the time is extremely draining because after a certain point you cannot ask “What’s up?” anymore,” a woman recently shared her views on a social platform.


Here is what people think about you when they get to know that you are in a live-in relationship with somebody:

  • The world out there is a brutal one. They will imagine all sorts of stuff about you being an insolent adult who is not deemed to be a part of the society. They will cook up stories about you taking benefit of your partner, physically obviously and how you turn them in an emotional wreck! Your happiness or your real feelings is not even the last thing they’ll think about!
  • Your marriage prospects can drop drastically if anyone comes to know about it, especially your relatives or neighbors.


  • Your friends think will always believe that there is only one reason behind your lack of sleep. if you dodge any plan made with them even because of genuine reasons, is not legit enough for them as they have just one reasoning for it, the obvious one!
  • It is hard to find a landlord who will let two unmarried people of the opposite sex living together in their house. Just inn case you do, their scornful eyes will just haunt you every time you move in or out of the house.
  • If the girl’s parents come to know about it, she can probably get disowned.

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