Why one should never visit Chennai in His/Her entire life

You guys must have heard your friends, colleagues and relatives claiming that their visit to Chennai was amazingly fabulous, but let me tell you why you should never visit this city in your entire life. Go through these 10 points and you will have your answer.

1. Don’t visit Chennai as you don’t like the fabulous sunset of the Marina Beach.

Guys please avoid this city if the palm trees lined up along the beach don’t make you feel ecstatic. Though the beautifully painted scenery is not to be missed, but who would care about such a picturesque landscape.

2. Please never visit Chennai if you do not have the adventure streak in you.

If you wish to spend your entire life feeling fantabulous joy amidst speechless aura of the water sports on the stunning coast of the Covelong Beach, don’t visit this place ever!

3. If you don’t like cultural heritage, this place is not for you.

People visit Chennai in order to bless their vacations with the historical spices of the ancient St. Mary’s Church and to witness the speechless beauty of St. George Museum.


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