Wife Discovers Husband’s Post Shaming Her About The Wedding Dress

Every woman dreams of her wedding day since the time of their childhood. To make their dream come true, they will do anything to make it the most magical day of their lives. But it didn’t turn out the way Emma thought it to be. It was not money or family fallout that stood on the way of her dream wedding but it was her future husband who caused the problem.

The couple had saved $10,000 for their wedding day. They had spent $4,000 on the other plans of the wedding.Everything about the couple’s summer wedding was going great and was exciting till the groom suggested her bride to buy her wedding dress online worth £38.

He said that he knew everything got expensive when the term wedding gets attached to it but he wasn’t expecting a wedding dress worth $950 with veil worth $120. He didn’t think much and said that he could not understand the reason behind buying such an expensive dress which would be worn only for one day. He didn’t think that it was worth it.

Though an average wedding dress costs around $1,631 in the USA and £1,385 in UK, the dress chosen by the bride was actually a bargain and not that expensive. Still, the groom refused to spend £1,000 on her bride’s dream wedding gown. It was then, when everything started to go south hill. The groom turned to Reddit to seek some advice. He posted on Reddit, accusing her bride of “acting like a toddler, throwing a tantrum over a sparkly toy she can’t have.” This post made things much worse than one could have possibly imagined.

AITA i (38 m) for telling my fiancee ( f 27)her wedding dress choice is way too extravagant and suggesting alternatives? from AmItheAsshole

He also mentioned to the Reddit users that he did his research online to explore other options where he could find a wedding dress which was cheap and he was surprised to see so many options. He said that he tried to show her bride some of the dresses he had found online on the recommended apps like Wish and other websites but she refused to see them and spend money on it. He even offered to buy it from the money they had saved up but in vain. The bride left for her parents’ house when things got out of hand.

Things had just started to become worse when the bride came across the online post of her would-be husband. He was then forced to apologize publicly. Soon, after sharing the original post a very awkward update was added to the post. He revealed that her bride had seen his post and now he was all apologetic. He said, “Emma found this thread. It was a mistake to post here and I’m sorry I posted our problems on Reddit. I am the asshole.”

His original post had attracted 3,000 comments and everyone pretty much disagreed with him. One person online said that he didn’t want her bride to cheap out but at the same time he said her to buy a $50 to $100 dress, which was absurd. Another person said that the wedding dress he had found online was even cheap for a regular dress.

Keeping this whole scenario in mind, it is now safe to say that the groom would not look for any dress to buy for her from Wish in future.