Wife Feels Betrayed After Husband Grants Their Son’s Ashes To His Mother

The woman told in the post that her son Tom had passed away nearly four months ago when he was six. He had a critical heart condition. She also told that he loved food. So she tried to feed him as much as she could. She also told that Tom was very skinny and he never really had the energy to run and play like other kids did.

The woman claimed that her in-laws were also involved in taking care of Tom. But they never stayed in the hospital so that she could sleep properly at home. Her in-laws even felt free to take Tom’s belongings and stopped their kids when they went near him. She said that her in-laws never supported her when Tom passed away. The woman’s mother-in-law had also suggested for a burial service but she made sure to have Tom cremated and kept his ashes in an urn.

The woman described how her mother-in-law had insisted on having ashes pendant for herself and other family members. She had also told that the woman’s brother-in-law loved Tom so much that even he wanted a pendant. The woman said that she had immediately denied to this suggestion. She went ahead to say that she was the one who had lost her kid and not them.

The woman’s mother-in-law got furious after this. She argued with the woman and said that Tom was close to her as well. The woman’s husband agreed to this and said that it would be a fair treatment if pendants were made. The woman then said that there was no way that she was going to say yes for this. Her mother-in-law took this personally.

A few days later, the woman was invited for a road trip by her family so that she could be relieved by the stress she had been experiencing. But when she returned from the trip she found the urn to be nowhere. Her husband then showed her a cross shaped ash pendant that was made for him. He also told her that there were more such pendants for the woman herself and her brother-in-law. Her mother-in-law had made those pendants for everyone.

The woman got angry after this. But her husband said that his family cared a lot about Tom and deserved a memorial necklace. The woman yelled at her husband saying that Tom was her son and not theirs. She called her in-laws insensitive. She said that her mother-in-law had no right to do this. The woman refused to take the necklace and went back to her family. Her husband had apologized after this but she was not ready to accept this.

Various Reddit users commented on this post. A user had suggested the woman to take legal action against her mother-in-law. Another user commented that this should not have happened and that her husband and mother-in-law were incorrect. Other users also wrote that they were sorry for the woman’s loss.