Wife Found Texts On Husband’s Phone That Revealed His Double Life

A woman was looking forward to spendinga day out with her family, but a notification on her husband’s phone ruined her plan. A text message along with a photo revealed that not only did her husband had a mysterious contact but may also have a child with some other woman.

They had been together for more than 15 years and had their ups and downs. On a Reddit post, the wife admitted that she was a recovering alcoholic. She knew that she was not perfect but had worked very hard to improve herself. All she wanted was to be the best woman.

When they were separated, the husband had an affair with another woman and also lied about it to his wife. She was deeply hurt but decided to forgive himfor the love of their family. After getting back together, the couple moved to a new town. Unfortunately, they moved just before the coronavirus pandemic. The wife could not make any new friends in her neighborhood as she got stuck inside her new house.

In the post, the wife mentioned that she felt that everything in her life was coming together. She searched a lot to find the perfect house for them to start afresh and was truly happy.

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Sadly, her happiness didn’t last long. One day, the couple decided to go out for socially distanced sightseeing with their kids in the new neighborhood. Being not much familiar with the routes, the wife borrowed her husband’s phone to navigate. It was then that a text was received and he quickly took the phone back saying that he would use his overactive imagination to chalk out the route. She could see him panicking.

Ten minutes later, she again needed her husband’s phone. This time she decided to go through his inbox. She mentioned in the post that a mysterious person called ‘C’ was at the top of his contacts. After going through the texts, she saw a weird message which read, “Do we need to pay for school this week?” She also saw a few pictures of a 2-year-old kid holding a tablet with a message, “Thank You, Daddy!”

She returned the phone and decided not to say anything. She was completely shattered. All she wanted to do was to prove herself that it was all her imagination. As she was new in the town, she didn’t have any resources to escape. People in the comment section supported her. They suggested leaving her husband as he was an expert manipulator.

Things got worse later. After doing a public records search, the wife found out that his husband was married to C way before he was married to her. When the couple got separated for a while, her husband started living with his first wife, C. The wife learned that he lost his home and didn’t allow her to collect anything from there.

She also found that the child’s mother, from the texts, was not her husband’s wife. She died over a year ago. The child’s maternal family was given his custody. The wife had no clue what was going on but knew that she was made a complete fool. She and the kids didn’t deserve this and decided that it was time for her to leave.