Woman Annoyed At Mom’s Husband For Forcing Them To Eat Kids Meals

The woman’s mum and her husband only got together when she moved out for studying further. She always thought that he was generally a good person, but was shocked when she got to know his economic ways. On Reddit, she told that at fast food places he always asked her mother to order a burger without cheese as it would save few pennies.

Out at dinner places, he asked her to skip a drink off the menu and just fill up on water. He also put forward a deal to downgrade the meat choices for the option that is usually a pound cheaper, when they were paying. Not only this, once he asked the woman and her boyfriend, his niece and her friend to rather not go for their regular lasagna’s and order the kid lasagna to save a few quid.

Although, not long ago, things culminated when the woman went out for dinner with her boyfriend, her mother, her mother’s husband, and some of both of their families- when he started living up to his ungenerous influence. She pointed out at him for his petty behavior and questioned if he was so cheap that he would ask someone to change what meat they want to eat or what they drink to cut down the expense. He was angry at the way she reacted in front of everyone.

Her mother came into the argument and supported her. She said that even she wanted to know the answer as she was sick of having him decide her food all the time. she even said that she worked hard so that she could do things like eating out whenever she wanted or spend a little something on a present for someone she loved or cared about.

With him, she felt guilty if she didn’t follow his rules. The husband said that the woman was ill-mannered and rude. To this, she replied that she was taking a stand for her mother who deserved to be treated right.

The woman asked the users on Reddit if she was wrong or her reacting that way was justified. One user replied that the man was forcing her mother to live a life deprived of small happiness over money. The user questioned what wonderful thing he was going to spend money on in the future that would make all the savings on small things he did worth it. Odds were nothing. It was more like a mental illness than a logical plan to save money.

Another said he needed to realize that his behavior was not normal. A third person said that he was very controlling. His reaction was normal, but seeing that the woman’s mother also provided financially, she should be able to decide where she wanted to spend the money and how much.