Woman Arrives At Daughter’s Delivery Room With Police Escort To Seek Attention

The woman took over social media to post about the same event. In the post, she wrote that her mother was extremely furious when she told her that she was pregnant. She even said “She ruined her life by making her a grandmother too early.” And asked her to leave.

The Original Poster also wrote that her mother claimed that she was in her 20s, had a stable job and her own home with her long-term partner when she got pregnant. “While she worked part time and had a dodgy boyfriend.”

However, her mother changed her mind all of a sudden and told her daughter that she was ready to leave her job to look after the baby post the delivery. But she was upset when her daughter asked her not quit her job and instead work for a full-time job.

Moreover, her mother wanted to be in delivery room during the birth of the baby. But the woman didn’t want anybody in the room except for her boyfriend. She didn’t even want anyone waiting outside. She was very anxious for her mother was going to enter the delivery room unannounced, in the only hospital in their locality. Her mother asserted that the woman was definitely going to reconsider her offer as she got closer to the birth.

One week before the due date, the woman’s mother called her up and asked her to get out of her house. Seemingly, her boyfriend threatened the woman to get back at her. She then asked her mother to sort her own life out and hung up on her and continued her day as she normally would.

That same night the woman got into labor, but she and her partner kept the birth a secret. Reasonably, she wanted to feed the baby, take a shower and have a nap before having her family and friends arrived.

The woman revealed that she had a wonderful birth experience and nothing like she had feared with her mother happened. “But if the story ended there I wouldn’t be here!”, she added.

The woman had given her family an hour to come and visit the baby. She kept wondering whether her mother was going to arrive in the allotted time. And unexpectedly her mother walked in with a police escort. Clearly, the woman wanted to know why a police officer was accompanying her to the delivery room. But her mother said that she would tell her later on.

A few days later, the woman’s mother told her that the police officer was there for her protection from her ex, who she tried to convince the woman to ‘give a chance’ and ‘was not into anything bad.’ She recalled that her mother was a prolific liar, especially for attention, so anything that she said was always skeptical.

The woman described that it was embarrassing for her to see a police escort in the corner of the room. And because of whatever her mother, she was not able to focus on her baby and her partner. She also kept thinking about all the craziness that went into it.

Netizens were completely against the Original Poster’s mother. A user wrote that she totally did it for attention and that the officer could’ve waited outside. Another commented that her mother lied to her about the danger and made up the whole story just to ruin her day.