Woman Auctioned Her Wedding Dress To Pay For Cheating Husband’s Debt

We’ve all had our hearts broken but for this woman, the pain came soon after her big day. Six weeks into their marriage, she discovered that her husband had been cheating on her with a pregnant woman. She now has to sell her wedding dress to pay the debt of £30000; she took to fulfill her man’s demand for a lavish wedding.

eBay is one good website for both earning cash as well as making declarative statements. And one annihilated pregnant woman rose to limelight when she posted her wedding outfit for sale. The woman in her post sounded extremely eager and desperate to raise some money to pay for the debt her marriage has burdened her with. What adds to her misery is the rocky start her married life has had. She found out that her husband had been cheating on her. Not only this, she also discovered that she was expecting a baby with her cheating partner.


The reported adultery was committed just six weeks after the couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony. Her post accompanied the description of the dress explaining her situation. It said that the dress is much loved by the woman but she has to sell it with a heavy heart as she and her partner (who was cheating on her) are now going their separate ways. However, the demand for her ex-spouse to have a top-notch ceremony has indebted the woman. Being pregnant herself, she wants to be sure of having no loans to repay when the baby arrives.


The size 20 outfit is in a very good condition-clean and without stains and marks. The cream-colored gown by Victoria Jane was initially listed for 25 pounds but attracted many bids causing a price hike. We hope she sold it for good price!