Woman Bans 2-Year-Old Kid’s Father From Seeing Her Because Of His Toxic Comments

Whatever a parent says or does to a child has an impact on a child’s mental health and shapes the future personality of the child. This is the reason why it is often advised to speak to a child with positivity. But this father made toxic comments on his daughter’s weight and got banned by the mother from seeing her.

This woman who has a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter with her ex-boyfriend took it to reddit and asked users if she was being unreasonable by not letting him speak with her daughter until he stops making comments about her weight.

The woman explained on Reddit that she has the full custody of the child as her ex is currently in prison. She has been taking her daughter along to visit him until the Coronavirus outbreak hit the nation. Now, they have been forced to connect on video calls.

The woman has been considering to cut all contact with him altogether because of his toxic remarks on their child’s weight. She explained on Reddit that he has referred to her daughter as ‘hefty’ several times and even told her that she should go on diet.

He even went to the extent of telling his girlfriend to put the girl on diet and stop feeding her treats. The other day, the man called his daughter hefty in front of her and when the kid asked the mother what that meant she could not find words to make it sound not awful.

The woman further wrote, “I have repeatedly asked him to stop and he agrees, but then does it again, right in front of me. I told my ex that we aren’t doing any more video chats until he can learn to control himself.”

But he thinks that the woman is an awful parent and she is alienating her child because he is trying to protect his daughter’s health. But the woman is adamant on her decision. The woman agrees that her child is “a little chunky” because she has a pretty good diet.

The woman further said that she was chubby too as a child until she was around six-years-old and doesn’t see anything wrong in it and neither does the doctor. She concluded her post by asking the users if she was being unreasonable by not letting him talk with her daughter until he stops making comments about her weight.

The post was overwhelmed with comments supporting her decision and telling that her ex has no right to interfere and that she should protect the mental health of her child.

One person commented, “Your daughter is absorbing this stuff. It’s completely unnecessary for your ex to mention her weight all the time.”

Another one said that he was meddling in an area outside of his expertise or a range of information in a way that is harmful. Until he learns not to do that, the child needs to be protected.

A third person said that toddlers are supposed to be chunky. They hit so many growth spurts and need that stored energy.

Some other person wrote that unless she is chunky because of fast food and candy, and as long as she is happy and active, her body is doing exactly what it should.