Woman Called Selfish After She Chooses Her Pet Over Boyfriend’s Dream House

A 21-year-old woman was accused of being selfish by her boyfriend after she refuses to move in with him in a ‘No Pets Allowed’ apartment. The apartment complex is supposedly amazing as it has all the amenities her ‘boyfriend’ needs, so he asked her to ditch her dog so they could move in.

It’s not quite easy when it comes to set your priorities in a relationship. Each one has different priorities and commitments which can’t always change when you decide to be in a relationship. However, one needs to respect their priorities and know when to back off. However, this wasn’t the case when a boyfriend thought that her girlfriend is ‘choosing’ her dog over him after she refuses to move in with him in a pet-free apartment.

In a post on Reddit, a user shared her story of how she and her boyfriend had been considering moving into a bigger apartment after their lease ends in May. The three-year-old couple was living in a small one-bedroom apartment and when she got pregnant, they decided it’s best to move to a bigger place.

Now, apartment hunting is not an easy task – there are bound to have some disagreements. So, when they were hunting an apartment for their home, her boyfriend found an amazing apartment complex, which served all the amenities he needs. The only problem? No pets were allowed. Not willing to let go of this apartment, he asked her to ditch her dog so they can move in the complex.


The user shared that her dog is with her for the past five years and she couldn’t just ditch her- just to move in some fancy apartment. She wrote, “It’s kind of upsetting that his initial response was ‘just get rid of her’. She’s like my kid or something, it’s not even an option,”.

Her boyfriend then told her off for being selfish and that she should prioritize their baby first. In an edit, she further clarified that there were many 2-bedroom apartments were available, but her boyfriend just refuses to give them a chance because they don’t have all the amenities he wants. She added, “And in no way is this me prioritizing my dog over my baby, if the baby turns out to be allergic to dogs, I’ll make the arrangements and give her to family.”

Understandably, many opted to side with the girlfriend and told her that she is not the least bit selfish. Many asserted that having a pet is a responsibility which you can’t get rid of as per your convenience. One even wrote that if she were her, she would probably dump him and keep the dog.

Well, we can’t argue with that.