Woman Calls Her Date ‘Cheap’ for Not Buying Her Drinks

A woman did the same thing while referring to the guy who took her on a date but didn’t spend enough for an expensive drink along with the meal. But she got trolled when the same person, whom she pointed out, replied to her posts. She went out with him, hoping that the guy would offer her a drink. However, the man preferred to go with just the ice water, which wasn’t appreciated much by this woman.

She shared a photo of their meal that included a burger, chips, and glasses of water. She had written that a person seems to be broke when he buys water for a woman on a date. Of all the unprecedented situations, getting a comment from her date was still the most unexpected thing. The man replied that someone else seems to be broken when they want the other person to pay for their meal.

The entire conversation was also shared on Reddit which ended up with the woman being slammed for her views. A person commented that the first date shall always be at Starbucks where you need to pay for just coffee. Nobody should be expecting free dinner as the only motive for meeting someone. Another person supported the same by saying that the coffee date is the best alternative. It’s easy to get out of an unpleasant meeting and you may not have to spend a lot.

The third person asked if getting water was something wrong, as he usually orders the same if he’s going out and not drinking coffee. It’s just not because he’s broke, it’s because he loves it. Above all, it’s not only about the meals and drinks when we’re heading out to meet someone. If it’s the case with someone, then dates aren’t meant for them.