Woman Captured In An Embarrassing Position Outside Her Home By The Street-View Camera

If we rely on our geographical knowledge alone to reach a place, it might turn out to be a horrible journey. This is why we turn to Google Maps to guide us in the right direction.

This application includes some great features that make our lives a little easier. Well, that’s what technology intends to accomplish, right? Real-time traffic, street-view, and satellite imagery are a few functions that give a new meaning to the word “explore”!

However, the camera that makes all of this possible can bring some embarrassing, strange, and hysterical moments to light. While most of these awkward scenes don’t make it to social media for the world see, some of them are available for you to watch and have a good laugh.

One such hilarious scene was captured in the States when the Google car made its way through a residential street.

The funny moment took place outside a bungalow-style house on the street. A woman had an embarrassing fall and toppled over her wheelie bin and landed in it.


The house had a huge front lawn and a driveway that led to the pedestrian path. While the lens clicked the stunning exterior of the home, it also captured this hilarious sight of the woman taking a spill that left the driver in splits.

That woman seemed like she was stuck in the bin that fell on the ground when she collapsed. The user uploaded the scene on Reddit and wrote, “I didn’t expect to find this.”

People found this extremely funny and came up with some equally hilarious comments. One person commented, “Maaa!! Who threw away my leftover ravioli?”

This isn’t the first time that the Google Street car has captured an embarrassing scene. A picture showing a man wearing trousers with a wet patch in the front. We can feel the awkwardness of the moment!

Such light-hearted moments give us the break that we all deserve. The street-view won’t disappoint us as every street has something weird to show, it’s all about the timing of the Google car!