Woman Delivered Baby In A School Bathroom

Bringing a life into a world is no less than a miracle. A mother went into labor in a school bathroom. The teachers helped the mother and delivered the baby in the school itself. Not only this was a surprise to the mother but the school had a surprise after the baby was delivered in the school.

On January 22 Janet Karina Soto-Rodriguez was attending an award ceremony of her second-grader Luigiani with her husband Andres at IDEA Bluff Springs School, Texas. Her unborn child decided to make an appearance on the same day. Though Janet was not expected to go into labor she did and the teachers with the principle sprinted into action. The team of the teachers was praised because of the quick thinking and action they took.

Janet was attending the awards ceremony with her husband and just went to use the bathroom. Her husband accompanied her because she was 9 months pregnant and unexpectedly she went into labor in the school bathroom. She took refuge in the school bathroom while her husband went outside the bathroom to get some help.

Davalos, a second-grader mathematics teacher at the school shared what happened once she saw the look at Andres’ face while he was standing outside the bathroom. She knew exactly what had happened as his face told everything. She shared with Good Morning America that “When I saw him at the bathroom door and saw his face, I just said, ‘Oh no, the baby is here.’”

While Janet took refuge in the school bathroom a group of teachers gathered and helped her out. Valentina Davalos, Amberlynn Balli, and Erica Beverly, Principal Virginia Callaway helped her out. The trio with their quick thinking delivered the baby safely. Each of them tackled a different role to ensure safe delivery.

The couple is fluent with Spanish thus Balli helped in the translation of what the 911 operator said and calmed the parents down. While Davalos was looking after the baby and Erica Beverly carefully listened to the instruction given by the operator and tended to Janet.

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Erica Beverly, a support teacher at the school shared with Good Morning America that “There were a lot of things that needed to take place in a matter of split seconds. It now seems like a huge thing that we did, but at the time, we didn’t think of it like that.” Balli further added that “We wanted to make the delivery as comfortable and beautiful and private as possible no matter the circumstances.”

The principle shared that the baby and the mother were taken to the hospital after the impromptu delivery. The teachers went back to the award ceremony and their respective duties at the school. But they ensured the baby and the mother were safe. They checked upon them in the hospital when they visited them within 24 hours.

Beverly shared “Our biggest focus over the next 24 hours was, ‘Did we do everything right to make sure they were safe?’” We thought about that until we were able to see them the next day. Once we knew they were safe and healthy, that was a moment of pride for us.” The school has promised the parents to fund Andrea’s newborn baby girl’s education. They will give her a full-ride college scholarship.