Woman Demands Fiancée to Spend $2500 on Valentine’s Day

To some people, Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your innermost feelings about that special someone. But to others, it is the day you are supposed to buy flowers or expensive gifts for your loved one. Similarly, a 22-year-old from Blackpool set some incredibly high standards that her fiancée has to meet when it comes to February 14.

Chantal Blakey, a mortgage advisor, is deeply obsessed with Valentine’s Day and if she doesn’t get what she thinks she deserves on the day, she easily dumps her boyfriends and seek out for something better. Chantal gave her 26-old-year fiancé Joe Kyles, a list of must- have gifts, totaling $2500. She also demanded for a celebration that lasts for a whole week. She is not the one who is demanding all this as Valentine’s Day spending has increased to $650 million a year.

Chantal described her obsession “Ever since I was a little girl, Valentine’s Day has been magical to me. “As a kid I dreamed of finding my Prince Charming like in the Disney films I watched” she continued. She also added “I loved traditional romance — flowers, dancing and everything soppy.”

Chantal explained how she has cut ties with her previous partners and said “When I was 13, I was dating a boy called Jack*. I was so excited for my first Valentine’s Day so when he gave me some fake flowers I was devastated.”

She told that at 17, one of her boyfriend Tom took her out for dinner at a KFC and because of this she dumped him. She wrote “I couldn’t understand why he thought KFC was romantic.”

“He said he’d got a voucher for a free meal. I ended it over chicken wings” she added. She shared her excitement for Valentine and said “Some people get excited for the whole month until Christmas. I do the same from mid-January up to February 14.”

Chantal and Joe met each other in a work place in 2015 and she narrated “Joe used to tease me about my Valentine’s Day obsession.After two years of being friends he took me on our first date.” She continued “It was less than a month until Valentine’s Day but luckily he knew it was important.When I got into work there was a huge bunch of flowers and a big heart-shaped cake waiting.” She added “Since then we’ve been inseparable and moved in together the following year.”

Chantal wanted Joey to make her each Valentine’s more special and said “I start making lists for Valentine’s Day 11 months beforehand. It’s so important that it goes exactly right.” She added “This year my list tops £2,500”.

A big trend now is ‘flower bombing’. You get multiple bouquets of all different types sent throughout the day so your desk is ‘bombed’ with flowers.” She told what she expects on this day like “I expect little hidden surprises throughout the day. On the lead-up to the day I like to be taken out for romantic dinners. But on the day I want a three-course meal prepared by him.”

Last year, Joe gifted different things to Chantal and treated her like a queen. This year Chantal is expecting even bigger things from him. She also gives him different gifts and treats him well but according to her woman deserves better treatment and says “I do get him gifts. I’ve bought him a designer shirt and a watch, but I think the emphasis is on the woman to get spoilt.”