Woman Didn’t Tip Pizza Delivery Guy And Got A 4-Page Threatening Letter In Return

Lauren Ledford ordered pizza from the US Postmates app. To her surprise, a week later, she found a 4-page long letter on her door step from the pizza delivery man threatening to rob her. The reason behind this threat was that Lauren did not tip him on his last delivery. This made the man angry and impelled him to write a letter full of swear words, derogatory comments about Jews and threats to rob her if she didn’t tip the next time if he happens to be the delivery person.

Tipping is a common practice in US but this California based woman was not quite familiar with the working of the Postmates app. She thought that the $4 tip was already included in the delivery charge added in her bill for the service provided by the delivery man. This was the reason she did not tip him and received a letter full of threats later.

The man wrote, “Please next time, tip your delivery driver. And if it turns out that the delivery driver is me again, and you do not tip yet again, I’m probably going to rob you. I’m only joking, but not really. Don’t risk it though. Who knows what a disgruntled delivery driver who can’t afford to eat that day is capable of?” He also added in the end that he was “high” and needed the tip “to stay toasty”.

After receiving the letter, Lauren tried to contact the Postmates customer care service to report a complaint against the man but didn’t hear anything from the company. This urged her to share the picture of the letter on her Facebook and Instagram handle. People started tagging and lashed the company on Lauren’s social media posts which made them respond to her. They suspended the driver from his job but did not reveal his identity even when Lauren asked for it.


Lauren has also reported a complaint against him in Redondo Beach Police Department. She has also asked for a full restraining order against him as that man might have stalked her for a whole week. It is quite terrifying for her. She says that she is really scared that this man might come up any day to show her what he is capable of as the company has also cut him off his income.

Postmates apologized to Lauren for the nuisance she had to face. They said that they themselves could not tolerate any such harassment and so they have removed the man from his duties.

Let’s just hope that Lauren does not face any trouble from that guy in future and the companies hire people after a proper profile and medical check.