Woman Dumped Boyfriend For Being Insecure About Her Weight Loss

A 27-year old, Kylie Hansen from Taft, California always found it easy to keep her weight under control even if she had been a competitive cheerleader and swimmer for almost 12 years. Having a little knowledge of nutrition, she was dependent on food only. After all, she realized the fact that it was the food addiction that encompassed her eating habits most of the time. So, she had to bring a change in her lifestyle.

She knew that she is likely to face serious health issues if she doesn’t stop it. When her weight topped the charts of being serious, she decided to lose weight in the year 2013. Kylie had to undergo vertical sleeve gastrectomy on July 1, 2013. Well, the surgery was just the beginning. After the years that followed, she focused properly on her diet and exercise. Eventually, she could relish the fruit of success.

She had to restrict her diet to 1,500 calories which used to be 2,500 earlier. The routine that used to begin with eating ramen and frozen meals was now replaced with a healthy breakfast that consisted of two eggs, a slice of toast and broccoli. Instead of opting for the junk foods, she loves to have ground turkey for lunch and grilled chicken with sweet potatoes as an evening meal.

As a result, her weight dropped from 18st 5 lbs, UK size 22 to 12st 2 lbs, UK size 14-16. She could achieve the result by further adding superfood shakes and also running into her exercise routine. Kylie admitted she had so much trouble in avoiding certain foods even after her surgery. As her whole family was obese, they all had to undergo weight loss surgery. But now, things have changed. They are all living a healthy lifestyle.

Besides, her former boyfriend didn’t support her much in this long journey. And at one point, he also started to feel insecure and asked Kylie to stop her weight loss journey. Being in a relationship with him for four long years made Kylie reluctant, but she gained the courage to leave him.

Luckily, she found the one who supported her well. Jacob, 28 had been Kylie’s friend for the last nine years. They even competed on the same swim team. She said, “I struggled when I reached my three-year post-op mark. I became addicted to losing weight and it was my only priority at the time. I was very self-conscious and still saw my 260lbs body in the mirror. But over six years on, the quality of my life is much better. I can do things I wasn’t able to do before. I love running and now turn to exercise as my stress reliever.”

Now, Kylie and Jacob have a 2-year old son named Jameson. Kylie also wants to set an example for her kid. She also shared some tips saying, “Start with nutrition. Learn how to eat to fuel your body. If you feel you have a food addiction, work on that. Slowly start incorporating exercise.”