Woman Enraged After Friend Hijacks Her Baby Shower

The 28-year-old mom-to-be conceived her first child on her own after using a sperm donor. Contrary to her, one of her friends ‘Chloe’ has been trying to conceive since she got married three years ago but without success.

So, while breaking her big news of being pregnant, she was very careful to respect her struggles. In her words, “She was one of the first people I told and told her I had no expectations of her being there for me, as I know it could be hard. She told me no, she wanted to support me and be in my corner. I told her if she needed to walk away at any point, I’d understand.”

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, one of her friends arranged a ‘virtual baby shower’ for her on the Zoom app. Everyone was having a good time playing games and laughing when in the middle of it, Chloe gets emotional and tells everybody she has something to say.

Chloe went ahead and announced that part of her gift for the mom-to-be was that the baby will have a playmate. And then added that she was pregnant. The moment she broke the news to everyone, the entire shower became about her.

Everyone was fussing over her, asking her questions, and being excited for her. The woman was excited too but felt like it was inappropriate.

After the baby shower was over, she texted everyone who attended it to say thank you, including Chloe, who asked if the woman was OK. To which she replied that the announcement was inappropriate and took away her thunder. She could have told everyone separately.

But Chloe thought that it was a cute way to break the news until the woman confessed, she had hijacked her day. After hearing this, Chloe was upset and accused her friend of not being happy for her and being selfish. One of their mutual friends went to the extent of calling her insensitive.

She then took the matter to Reddit and asked others if she was being unreasonable for confronting her friend about what she had done.

One of the users commented, “Rule no1 of baby shower club: don’t hijack someone else’s shower.” Another one said that it was downright tacky. While a third person expressed that it was rude of Chloe. It was like when people propose at other’s weddings without getting permission from the bride and groom, selfish and bad judgment.

Another user wrote, “Honestly screw the people who congratulate the attention thief in these situations. How hard is it to say ‘It’s not the time or the place’ and continue on with normal celebration?”