Woman Explains Life In A Town Where Everyone Lives In The Same Building

Whittier, a town in Alaska, also known as ‘the town under one roof’, apparently happens to be a place that shelters most of its population in one same giant building called the famous ‘Begich Towers’. The most intriguing part about the building is that it not only provides residence to hundreds of people but also houses a school, health clinic, post office, police station, church, and a market. To reach this town, one has to travel via boat or has to cross a 2.5mile-long tunnel which is only accessible before 10 pm and after 5 am.

A random blogger shared the view of a ginormous 14-story building on social media that racked up almost a million views, proving that the tower was definitely a site of attraction for many people out there who were absolutely fascinated to know more about it. Earlier the main purpose of its establishment was to support military housing during the cold war times which allowed hundreds of people to live under the same roof. But surprisingly even in the modern era, the same building was housing 318 people under its newly developed roof.


The video that was posted on social media provided an overview of how it actually looked like, which later got almost 15 million views from all over the world. The person in the video gave a quick tour through the corridors, post office, mini-supermarket, and its view from outside the building. Another random blogger claimed that the ‘pretty’ Whittier actually held two apartment buildings in which one was just a small one and housed only 5 percent of its population, adding on that there were no singular houses as one wasn’t allowed to buy property or land to build a house in the town.

However, if anyone really wanted to, could buy a flat in one of the two buildings that existed. Moving on, the blogger even mentioned the employment criteria. People living there were allowed to work on the railroads, the tunnel, school, clinic, or various other professions located in that town. Whereas some even had the facility to choose to commute to Anchorage, Alaska’s biggest city, for work. Aforementioned, the tower was another kind of home in itself, so every person living in there grew up together staying as best friends, so dating each other was definitely not on their list.

But the funny part was, that some netizens did tumble out a few demerits of that exotic place, which said that people living there couldn’t really ignore each other because of the fact that they wouldn’t have any excuses, one of which apparently could have been ‘I’m not a home’. But as they all lived in front of each other’s sight or nearby so that excuse could’ve totally turned into a fiasco. However, that gorgeous place still holds more merits than demerits, so one should definitely plan to visit Begich Towers someday!