Woman Felt Her Fiancée Was Turning Their Wedding Into A Craft Fair

A woman, who was soon going-to-be married, faced turmoil when her fiancée decided to bring in her business in their wedding function. The Mary Kay obsessed fiancée wanted to turn it into a craft fair. Thus, the couple got on the brink of diverging their ways.

Business matters the most to some people. They try to turn every available opportunity into a big business treat. But they end up crossing the limits some times. Taking on a similar line, a Mary Kay lover proposed to her fiancée to convert their wedding function into a craft fair.

The couple had met and fallen in love with each other. At that time, her fiancée used to work at a call centre. According to the woman, she knew that her fiancée did not like to work there. She wanted to do her dream job.


After getting done with the things, the woman proposed her fiancée for wedding with August 8 as their wedding day. Her fiancée was thrilled about it and gave in her consent. Taking on the preparation, she asked the women if she could reduce her job from full-time to part-time. She wanted to give time to wedding planning. The woman was earning good and could foot the bills alone. Also, she had enough savings to support them. So she gave her fiancée the freedom to live her choice. But that moment became the turning point in their relationship.

Two months after that conversation, her fiancée went ahead for a wedding dress convention. Enjoying herself, she signed up to bag the chance of a “pamper day”. Luckily, she made her day and won the pamper chance. Then the element of Mary Kay surfaced and overshadowed her life. Eventually, she ended up tieing up with it. Gradually, its influence reached its height and blinded her with its colors. Her fiancée left her part-time job and got fully engrossed in it.

With time, she went deeper into it. Then came the moment when they decided to book their wedding hall. The couple booked a big hall for their day. But they got locked in the war of words over its utility. The woman wanted to go for a big party to celebrate their day. But her fiancée saw it as one of her business opportunities. She wanted to translate it into a craft fair where vendors could sell their products. Not just that but she also wanted to don the role of the vendor in her wedding dress.


Her business plan did not go well with the woman. Many of woman’s colleagues and business clients were to show up at their wedding. Thus, she did not want to create a scene of mockery there. But her fiancée could not understand her views. She took it another way. According to the woman, her fiancée thought that she did not want to support her business.

Things got worse. Their relationship got on the brink of breaking down. The woman shared her story on Reddit.

Social media users came up. They unveiled the other aspects related to the story. According to them, her fiancée was not doing it deliberately. She was under the influence of Mary Kay which was washing her mind off. Some of them called it a scam and asked the woman to get her fiancée out of it at once.

Hopefully, those free advice would have been to ease out the situation for the toiling couple.