Woman Found Love Letter To Husband From School Mum, Shares On Internet

Relations are always built on trust and confidence in the other person's loyalty. But sometimes you are forced to question the very people who are your nearest and dearest. A wife found out the letters sent to her husband by a single mother, professing her feelings to her husband. After feeling completely disoriented by the news she took to the Internet pouring out her heart.

For our easier comprehension, let us take the author of the post to be Eve, her husband Jason and the single mum Rachel. Eve had always been suspicious of the bond Jason and Rachel shared and their so frequent run ins. Rachel was a single mother who lived just down the line and had recurrent interaction with Jason while walking down the same way to school.

In one of these frequent chits- chat sessions Rachel told Jason she was shifting and requested his details to stay in touch. Quite fishy to say the least. This thus had Eve’s sixth sense tickle, and smell foul play. She then added Rachel on her own social media as a precautionary measure. But Rachel later deleted her from her Facebook, but her continuous commenting on Jason’s Facebook photos didn’t stop.

The online interaction is one thing Eve could downplay, but the offline personal meet-ups that were also taking place behind Eve’s back wasn’t something she could slide away as nothing. Eve and Jason would routinely meet up with each other and go out for shopping and lunches with the children. The truth can’t be hidden for long and the word reached Eve’s ears. She then confronted Jason and warned him about the woman’s evil intentions but Jason pushed it aside as just being a good “Friend” to Rachel.

Putting out all of her life trauma on Mumsnet, Eve wrote about the letter sent by Rachel to Jason. In the letter Rachel had penned down all her feelings for Jason and clearly mentioned how much she loved him. The letter also states that she sees her future with him and wants to marry him and have kids with him.

The letter doesn’t clearly tell if anything physical happened between them and the repeated confirmation by Jason doesn’t make anything easy for Eve. She still thinks that Jason has a big hand in making Rachel feel like she had a chance with him. Jason knew about Eve getting hold of the letters and said he would “deal’ with it later after coming back home.

The post concludes with Eve asking her readers if she should tell Rachel she has caught up on her letters and knows what she is up to with her husband. The comment section for her post has since then blown up with unanimously everyone telling her that she has all her anger in the wrong place. They all say that it should be Jason at who she should be pissed at. One commenter told her, no one professes their love for someone until they have been led on. One commenter even had colorful words describing Jason in some hard-hitting words. Whatever way the comments were written, they sure made Jason look shady.

We all hope Jason can now “Deal” with his very angry wife.