Woman Found Out Roommate Was Using Her Pictures To Catfish Online Boyfriend

A Reddit user took on the social media platform to share the false moves of her roommate that ultimately wreaked havoc on her life. The roommate had been using the woman’s photographs to woo a man on Tinder. But all broke down when he popped up one day to meet his girlfriend after five years and found the woman there.

Cat fishing has evolved over the years to affect lives around the world. The illicit practice has earned a bad name for the social media platform for eroding people’s feelings and their beliefs. It has imperiled the lives and risked the sharing of one’s identities. A woman suffered a blow when her roommate used her identify to catfish the man of her life. She dated him for five years.

The bubbles of love floated up in the air for her roommate (Maggie) back in 2015. But the structure of love was poising on fake identities. She had used the woman’s photographs to woo a man (Adams) on Tinder. He liked the personality of the woman in the pictures. Adams hooked up with the roommate thinking her to be the woman of his dream. They got ahead to do sweet chats and exchanging gifts. But they never met physically. It lent a support to Maggie’s effort in cat fishing him.

The woman was happy for her roommate. She was thrilled to see them madly in love with each other. Maggie had shared his photograph only once. The woman always wondered why the lovebirds had not met each other in all those years.

Her roommate would attribute it to their work lives and little budget. The woman also offered to share the room with her boyfriend to let them live together. But the roommate did not budge fearing her exposure.

To her horror, the fate already had that part on its cards. One day, Adams landed at their place when the roommate was out for work. The woman opened the door to find him standing there. Thinking her to be his girlfriend, he greeted her and took her in his arms. Horrified to see his actions, the woman pulled back and tried to clear the things.

But he was adamant that she was the girl he loved. He got in and took out his phone to show her photographs. The woman felt the ground shifting beneath her feet. Angst loomed larger over their minds. They decided to call her roommate home. Sensing the burst of her obnoxious act, she refused to come.

But she had to give in at last and reveal the truth of cat fishing. Adams went into hysterics and lashed out at her. Maggie started crying. Sensing the severity of the situation, the woman advised him to leave. She started cursing the woman for ruining their love life after he left them. She moved out to live with her friend.

Trying to cope it, the woman turned to the Reddit world for advice.

Taking stock of it, one of them said, “I was the Adam in a situation like this. It was three years. You need to move out, get away from this Maggie. People like that are not ok. Don’t put yourself through this anymore. I went NC when it happened, effective immediately. My Maggie messed with me for years to come and we were countries apart. Just get away and stay away. That’s all I have to say”.

May things go down soothingly with them!