Woman Gave Birth To Twins Four Weeks After Giving Birth To Her First Child, The Reason Is Surprising

Bringing a new life into this world is definitely miraculous even though we might not consider the magic behind it that often. There are quite a few surprising happenings around this “miracle” that have come into the light and one of them is a woman giving birth to twins after 4 weeks of bringing her first child into this world.

If you think you have heard the most unique birth stories and it can’t get unusual than that, then this one will surprise you and you might want to reconsider the part that you’ve heard enough of the “eccentric” pregnancy incidents!

A Bangladeshi woman, Arifa Sultana, 20, was admitted to Ad-Din hospital in Dhaka as she felt a sudden pain in the lower abdomen area and she could sense something weird happening. It could have been normal, but certain circumstances put the whole situation in a room full of complications.

One of these circumstances was that Sultana had given birth to her child a few weeks earlier and it felt strange to get that pain again after the delivery.

As she needed immediate medical care, she was taken to the hospital where she had an ultrasound which revealed something shocking! The doctors found out that she was carrying twins in her womb. How could that happen? Exactly, that’s what everyone wanted to know!

A gynecologist, Dr. Sheila Poddar was examining this whole case and Sultana’s condition was a rare one which is called uterus didelphys in which a woman has two uteruses. This condition is generally not spotted easily leading to cases like this.

Sultana’s first child was in a different womb as these twin babies. They were nurtured in distinct wombs making it hard to realize what was happening.

After proper examination, Dr. Poddar was in-charge of the delivery which happened through a C-section. Sultana was blessed with a boy and a girl in that delivery. She was now a mother to three beautiful children! The experience was smooth and the kids and Sultana were in good health.

Uterus didelphys is an extremely rare condition in women as the doctors say and if not detected (which happens mostly), women might find themselves in such surprising situations during their pregnancy.

A lot needs to be taken care of as things can get sensitive in a matter of time. One way to avoid any complications is creating awareness around these topics and the good news is that people are being more careful and conscious.