Woman Had 23 Cosmetic Surgeries, Now Wants To Move To Africa As Her Heart Belongs There

We live in a world which has so much to offer at every corner of every little place that exists. Who wouldn’t want to explore all those corners and have the freedom to live everywhere whenever they want in their lifetime? But Martina Big took this way too seriously and moved forward in that direction by taking some “serious” steps.

There is no need to worry if you are not familiar with the name Martina Big, you will be in the next few minutes and that too quite in detail!

Cosmetic surgeries are common when it comes to the celebrity world or maybe, in general, these days. But getting 20 such surgeries with the sole purpose of changing one’s appearance is definitely not normal. But having said that, Martina Big had them and we don’t know what to say.

She has her own beliefs which are perfectly fine but her belief that those surgeries have a deep effect on her as a human being apart from the physical changes is just hard to digest, isn’t it? It is her choice to have all those cosmetic procedures and whatever number of them she is comfortable with (we hope it doesn’t cross 23, though!). But that “change in the character” part is rather bizarre to us!

We know the results of these surgeries are visible to all but one huge change in Martina is her new implants which have led her breasts to weigh 12kg with a new size of 32S. We didn’t even know that size existed until just now!

She had no plans to stop, rather she was looking forward to having other implants but unfortunately (or fortunately) she was talked out of it by the doctors. We are glad!

Martina was not yet done with all the surgeries. She had another one of the “eccentric” ideas and this time it was getting her skin color darkened. No one talked her out of this one and hence it was a success.

According to her, she belongs to Africa, that’s what her “inner-self” reflects now. We wished someone explained to her that changing skin color is not directly proportional to change in the race of a person. Your race is something that has so many elements attached to it including a lot of history and heritage.

Not only Martina, but her husband has also got Melanin injection for skin darkening. That’s the extent she has gone to with this! Her exact words are, “I not only look like an African woman, I also feel that I’m now an African woman.”

She feels attached to Kenya and its people after spending seven weeks there. We wonder how that works! She was even baptized by a Kenyan pastor and given a new Swahili name; Malaika Kubwa.

Her racist comments have no end including the ones she has made about the race she wants her kids to belong to. But we can just hope that one day she realizes how everything is meant to happen. Her journey has changed her A LOT in quite a few ways!

We don’t know what’s in store for her further, Africa or not, we just hope it is better in every way!