Woman Had Twins Just One Month After Giving Birth To A Baby

Arifa has a condition known as Uterus Didelphys, which means that she has two wombs and two uteruses. Her condition wasn’t known until she was again rushed to the hospital after experiencing extreme pain in her stomach and abdomen. During the ultra sound, it was discovered that not only did she has twins in her womb, but also was pretty much into labor.

According to various sources, one in 2000 have this condition and about one in 25,000 can experience simultaneous pregnancies. This condition usually develops during the adolescence period. A uterus is typically formed by two tubes joining to form one large hollow cavity. However, in some cases the tubes do not join and thus lead to formation of two uteruses.

Dr. Sheila Poddar, a gynecologist at Ad-Din Hospital, Dhaka, said in an interview “She didn’t realize she was pregnant with the twins. Her water broke again 26 days after the first baby was born and she rushed to us”.

Dr. Sheila Poddar had performed C-Section to deliver the twins, a boy and a girl. Thankfully, all three children are healthy and safe. This case was left unnoticed because of a very simple reason. She never had an ultra sound.

Dr. S.N. Basu, head of gynecology department at Max Healthcare hospital in New Delhi, said, “When the uterus develops, it comes from two tubes, and those tubes fuse together. For some women, the fusion does not occur, and the dividing walls does not dissolve”.

This bizarre case had definitely left us shocked. In any case though, the family happily welcomes the three children and definitely relieved that all three are healthy.

The only thing that worries the family is the financial burden that comes with it. Their monthly income is around Rs 6000. Sultana says, “I don’t know how we will manage such a huge responsibility with this little amount”.

However, taking this positively, the father says, “It was a miracle from Allah that all my children are healthy. I will try my best to keep them happy”.